West Africa's largest Exhibition, Training/Networking Event for Farmers & Agro-Investors

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West Africa's largest Exhibition, Training/Networking Event for Farmers & Agro-Investors


"The Masterclass was truly a great learning experience, I received new knowledge, and had opportunity to see new products from different companies, particularly of interest was Bayer, Technisem, Jubaili Agrotec, Pan African Equipment, Agrited, Agritropic and Dizengoff. I look forward to the Next Edition. ."

Toyin- Akin Johnson, CEO,  Creative Farms

" My participation at AGRIMEX 2017 was truly a surreal experience that lends credence to the Maxism. Knowledge is power, the simplicity of communication by the lecturers, made the experience really rewarding. We realized that agriculture is not as complex as we have oftened heard. We are starting a dual purpose Poultry and vegetable farm with product purchase,technical expertise and consultations from Technisem seed, Agrited and Dizengoff Farmers Kit. "

Stella Adeleye, Managing Director, Stelladels Consult

"AGRIMEX 2017 was a good outing, We made presentations and had interactions with farmers. The event Organization was good. We always encourage programs that allows for training and development of farmers because knowledge is crucial to their success and ability to maximize yield. We look forward to the next edition."

Akongs Dankande, Bayer Middle Africa

"Agribusiness Masterclass & Exhibitions is a great platform for the training of farmers and agric entrepreneurs. We had opportunities to make product presentation and interact with new and existing clients, Events like this should be encouraged. We look forward to the next edition ."

Jamie Rixton, GM Pan African Equipment

"Participating at AGRIMEX was a great learning experience for us, we were particularly excited at the lecture by Stanbic IBTC on Agri-Finance, we learnt how to model the finances of our Farms for easy access to credit. We also learnt a lot from the lectures from Bayer and Jubaili Agrotec on safe Handling of Agrochemicals for export market production. ."


"Participating in AGRIMEX 2017 was a great opportunity to meet with the exhibiting companies and interact for discounted access to agro inputs and equipment. We also took part in the Masterclass. Of particular Interest was the lecture by Dizengoff on green house farming, Bayer lectured us on Safe handling of Agrochemicals and Indorama on modalities for fertilizer application ."

Umaru Mela Lakorok, Sales Manager, KGM Agro Nigeria

"AGRIMEX 2017 was an exciting experience for us as we had opportunity to procure much needed inputs and equipments for our farm settlement at great discounts and excellent after sales support. We also exhibited our produce and investment opportunities at IFS with some good prospects and sales lead. We will definitely be at the 2018 edition ."

Alabi Areo, Project Manager, Illua Farm settlements(IFS), Oyo State Nigeria